Motivation at work

How to increase motivation at work? This is one of the big communication questions that all managers and communicators fight.

What motivates people to go to work anyhow? Everyday people make an active decision to go to work. It might sound cynical and naive but I really believe that people are responsible for their own situations.

I remember one of the HR directors at Ericsson when I worked there, he always said that; “If you don’t like your boss, you should change boss.” It makes sense I think. There are plenty of good managers out there to go around for everyone.

And also, you can often not control the work climate where you work. If you think that you work in a very nice team with a group of people that talks “the same language”. This might change if somebody leave the group or somebody new comes into the group.

The same thing goes for managers; don’t take on everybody else’s problem if you want to work with motivation at work. Do what ever you can to create a good climate in the group, of course, but solve everybody’s problems.

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Motivational quotes?

Do you like quotes like: "There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full." 
Henry Kissinger, or perhaps: "A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices." William James.

Help sharing your favourite motivational quote here.

The importance of motivation.

We need motivation at work in order to reach our goals. In fact it is one of the most important and driving factor for us reaching our goals. So when that being said it is not hard to imaging how things would be if there was no such thing as motivation. The importance of motivation

How to measure motivation - find the ambassadors

This is the best "how to measure motivation model" I have ever come across. The Ambassador model is a model where you combined commitment and understanding or “the intellectual” and “the emotional capital” as it is also called. The principle behind how to measure motivation is that you, by using a simple survey, will get statistic facts that divide a group of people into four behaviour styles. Each behaviour style reacts different to motivation at work. How to measure motivation - find the Ambassadors

An easy way to know if you have motivation in the workplace.

A really easy way to measure the attitude and motivation at work is to, just listen! Yes, you heard right. Go out in the hallway and listen for the Yes-factor. The Yes-factor is when you hear employees go: YES! (or similar words). This is a sign of success. And success feeds back into motivation. A very easy way to measure motivation - "the Yes Factor"!

12 employee motivation factors.

Here is a list of 12 employee motivation factors that you can use if you want to increase employee motivation. For instance, how can you improve your department meetings? See this as a list of pedagogical aids. Employee motivation factors

7 most common reasons why companies dont create commitment.

Many organisations struggle with trying to create commitment to one or another burning question. Why is it that most organisations still don’t manage to create the commitment necessary? Here are some suggestions based on my experience for working with organisations on this for 30 years. 7 reasons why organisations don't create commitment

15 things that makes employees motivated

1. Clear goals and leadership

2. To be seen

3. Personal development

4. Their co-workers...
15 things for employee motivation

10 steps to motivating employees!

How to motivating employees is one of the key questions that many organisations struggle with. I have developed a list of 10 best practises for motivating employees. Read it through carefully and simply start where you find your quick fix. Very few companies master the whole list. Motivating employees - 10 step way!

Positive attitude tips!

What do you do when everything seems to go the wrong way? Do you need some positive attitude tips? In my experience, and I have quite some experience of days going wrong, as I’m sure you have as well, this days usually starts of in a bad way. When you experience that you have had a bad day it almost always starts when you wake up. Positive attitude tips!

Herzberg on Motivation

Ask workers what makes them unhappy at work, and you’ll hear about an annoying boss, a low salary, an uncomfortable work space, or stupid rules... Herzberg on motivation

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