About us?

What about us? Commitment AB is a consultancy company within the communication industry. We work with companies that strive for change. Our job is to serve as a facilitator or support in that process. We have a service portfolio that runs from A to Z. You pick the pieces that fit your process or the whole program.

The company started 2007 but the people and its services has been tested for a long time and proven excellent.

The services that we provide are:

Strategic advice and coaching

* Communication strategies

* Communication planning

* Coaching of managers and communication professionals

* Creative trouble shooting

* Second opinion – evaluating agency-client relationships

Qualitative research

Message owner interviews

Helps identify management’s real priorities. What are they really committed to?

* Interviews with the message owners, often the management team and key people

* Analysis gives a clear picture of the management priorities. i.e. the messages that are sent out in the company.

Solution groups

What do your employees really thinks?

* Group interviews with employees and leaders.

* Analysis gives a clear picture of what problems people see in the organisation AND solution for them.

The Grapevine

Finding rumours and worry at times of change

* Group interviews with employees and leaders

* Analysis gives a clear picture of worry for the future and rumours etc.

Quantitative research

Climate Matrix

How many ambassadors does your organisation have, what do you need to do to get more.

* A survey that can be added to the regular employee survey or run separate

* Analysis gives a clear picture of how your employees perceive the company. How many Ambassadors, Loose Canons, Observers and Weak Links do your company have. Gives proposals for quick fixes (if any).

* Electronically or postal distribution

Channel Matrix

How can you make your channel mix more efficient?

* A survey that can be added to the regular employee survey or run separate.

* Analysis gives a clear picture of the channels that works best in your target groups.

* Electronically or postal distribution

Message Matrix

Shows what messages are perceived as the most important to your people.

* A survey that can be added to the regular employee survey or run separate.

* Analysis gives a clear picture of how your messages work in the organisation.

* Electronically or postal distribution


Message workshops

* Matches your goals and messages with the target groups needs. i.e. what are you saying today and what should you be saying.

* The result is a number of messages that are ranked by how easy they are to sell.

* Generic messages are translated into specific meaning to your organisation.

The spiral

Translating big picture objectives to local activities, increase motivation.

* A process that takes de most important business messages through the organisation.

* Everybody gives the opportunity to take part of the same information at the same time. Business messages are being translated to local and supporting activities.

* Activities are gathered at the centre and acknowledge at the top, which works as incentive for involvement. Best practice and good ideas are shared in the organisation.

Communication training

The communicating leader

Gives your leaders right tools and skills.

* Training for managers and communicators

* Basic training in communication or specific training in different communication areas

* From half day lectures to full week training and everything in between. Tailored to your need.

* Works very well as part of specific projects or stand alone training.


* Management conferences

* Network meetings/conferences

* Think Tanks

* Kick-off

Change Management

* Outsourcing

* Merger & Acquisitions

* Down sizing

* Reorganisation

Communication tools

* Tailored tools that fits your organisation.

My story!

My name is Johan Ljungqvist and I am running the company Commitment AB. Commitment is a consultancy company focusing on helping companies and people improving their communication. Johans story

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