Most common reasons why most organisations don’t manage to create commitment

Many organisations struggle with trying to create commitment to one or another burning question. Why is it that most organisations still don’t manage to create the commitment necessary? Here are some suggestions based on my experience for working with organisations on this for 25 years.

1. Management team doesn’t have the same priorities, i.e. sending mixed messages.

2. When communicating internally the same communication rules don’t apply for some reason. When communicating externally, everybody agrees that it is very important to know target groups needs and formulate messages that meet the needs. But for some strange reason when communicating internally the senders needs take over and messages are being sent out in the organisation without meeting any needs.

3. Using wrong channels to send messages. Different channels are good for different messages. For instance messages regarding reorganisations needs to be sent through meetings or other physical channels.

4. There are no real listening processes in the organisation. If you want people to be involved, make sure that there are involvement processes in place. And if so, make sure to feed back results from the process. Many times when people are being asked to participate in work-groups or task groups they never get any feedback on what the result was.

5. Managers hide behind mechanical channels. “Put it on the Intranet”. The Intranet is not an alternative for physical meetings. You need both.

6. When communicating you don’t measure what works and what don’t. There is no point in repeating same mistakes over and over, when instead you can improve the communication to perfection. There are some very easy ways to do this.

7. The number of Ambassadors in the organisation is unknown. The Ambassadors are the informal leaders that truly your best ambassadors. They are already committed and people listen to them. When dealing with changes in the organisation, you want to use your Ambassadors in the process. So if you find out how many you have and perhaps also who they are, your life gets so much easier. At the same time you will find out how many Observers, Loose cannons and Weak links

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