Motivation in the workplace – look for "the Yes-factor"

the yes-factor

A really easy way to measure the attitude and motivation in the workplace is to, just listen! Yes, you heard right. Go out in the hallway and listen for the Yes-factor. The Yes-factor is when you hear employees go: YES! (or similar words). This is a sign of success. And success feeds back into motivation.

Another way to measure the attitude or motivation in the company is to sit in the reception and listen to the climate. What I mean is that many time the reception works as a thermometer for the climate in the work environment. If the morale is high or if the motivation is high you can tell it directly by just walking into the reception hall.

It works just as well with the canteen or employee restaurant. You can very often notice the collective motivation by just observing body language and the way people talk to each other. When things are well people tend to laugh and speak louder than when the motivation is low. People also seam to be more eager to go back to work when they enjoy their work. There is a sense of urgency in the air.

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