15 things that creates employee motivation

Creating employee motivation at the workplace is probably the most important issue for anyone that want to build a strong brand. There has been a lot of research done on the link between strong brands and motivated employees. Fortune has shown that the most successful Fortune 500 companies are also the once that invest most in their internal communication. A strong internal communication is the fundamentals for building motivation.

Below you find a list of the most common things that build motivation. Start looking at this in your business and try to figure out how you are doing.

1. Clear goals and leadership

2. To be seen

3. Personal development

4. Their co-workers

5. Dialogue/involvement

6. To be able to influence their work situation

7. Trust

8. No prestige

9. Responsibility

10. An allowing organisation

11. Freedom

12. To be able to use their competence at work

13. Bonus to every one, not just a small group (managers)

14. Common training for managers and employees

15. Having premises to do a good job

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