Professional communicators problems

What are the most common communicators problems? Many people experience difficulties with their internal communication. I have trained hundreds of professional communicators in my career. I use to ask them what problems they see in executing their job. This is some of their problems:

* Difficulties with local vs. central perspectives, and also hierarchical problems

* Cultural diversity

* From push to pull – difficulties in getting people to pull information

* Difficulties to get people engaged in changes

* Lack of time and/or resources

* Difficulties in getting people interested in the big picture.

* Unclear leadership, lack of goals and feedback from leaders.

* Leaders communication skills

* Unwillingness to change or tiered of changes or afraid to change

This list has looked the same for many years now. It is basically the same problems year after year. When I look at this I see a couple of things:

1. The communicator is still seen as somebody that sends out information in the organisation rather than a strategic support in making change work. This is strange I think, because most communicators today are very well educated and have the theoretical knowledge.

2. The communicator is involved, if ever, in the change process, to late. If the communicator shall be able to make the best difference they need to be in the same room with the management during the whole process, not just in the end of the process.

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