All we want is behavior

Communication to drive behaviour! Why do we communicate? Really, why? My strong belief is that the reason we communicate is because we want to create a change. This can be in the form of a changed knowledge or understanding. Mostly we want people to do something different or differently. Now, the way we go about to create this is usually by working with increased knowledge and change of attitude. Wouldn’t it be easier to work directly with the wanted actions instead? Think about it. Instead of trying to get people to figure out how to behave by influence their knowledge and attitude. What if you could build attitude and knowledge through activities? Would that be great?

This is a 7 step process that will help you drive change and that I have found useful:

7 steps to change behavior

Follow the chain of events in the illustration above. First you have to figure out what performance you have or your people have today and the financial consequences that gives. Having this, you now have to be clear of what you want to change. Meaning, what is your wanted financial outcome. In the end everything should lead to a list of activities that drives (you drive) wanted attitude, actions and financial consequences. Piece of cake, or? This template can be useful to follow:

Easy to use template for changing behavior

You will be able to download templates and ppt soon. Leave all we want is behavior and go back to internal communication