Incredible site traffic increase

This is the story of how the traffic to this site skyrocketed in just a couple of days. The idea to this site started one year ago when we wanted to create a toolbox site for managers all over the world. Our vision is that we will help improve manager’s communication skills globally.

The site is built with a search engine optimiser tool, which means that the content is written with keywords in our niche that have got the highest values at the different search engines, e.g. Google. After 11 months the site generated approximately 3 unique visitors per day and was slowly gaining ranking at the search engines. Still it is not enough with 3 visitors per day. We realised that we had to do something to increase the awareness of the site more rapidly. After all we want to spread the word to as many managers as possible.

In the middle of September this year we started a Twitter account and the idea was to market the site by twitter about the content of the site. We started of by twittering once a day, linking to different pages of the site. The result was amazing. In the later part of the month we had between 20-54 unique visitors per day. Still it was quite a lot of work, but we know we were on to something. Social media would help us reach our objectives faster.

Then, September 30, we stumbled on a tool that changed everything. One of our followers twittered about a tool called Social Oomph. For those of you who twitter you know that there is a lot of people offering easy, free ways of becoming financially independent in 15 minutes. We where quite sceptic to this service, to say the least. But we liked what we read and there is a 7 day free trial without having to submit credit card information etc. We had nothing to loos.

The idea behind the service is that the system helps you handle your twitter account without working 24/7. In 1 hour we wrote about 100 twitter lines promoting different parts of our site. The system helped us distributing the tweets so that we publish something new approx every 5-minute.

After one day we have had 127 unique visitors to our site, which is amazing. And the story has just begun. We will keep you up to date about this as we go along. The best thing is that we have not jet paid anything. But, if the stats keep showing the same development it is a given.

It keeps getting better. Social Oomph has an affiliation program that also is amazing. If we help promoting their program we will receive a 40% kick-back on any sale generated through us. Not only that, the kick-back keeps coming every month as long as the customer is renewing their monthly payment. So, check out the service by clicking here. And remember, if you decide to pay for the service after 7 days, we will receive 40% commission. Keep spreading the word.